Program Erasmus+

Uczelnia Łazarskiego współpracuje z wieloma europejskimi uczelniami w ramach programu Erasmus+. Naszymi partnerami są uniwersytety z Belgii, Francji, Hiszpanii, Niemczech i Włoch. Realizujemy również wymianę akademicką z partnerami z Turcji. 

Prezentujemy listę uczelni partnerskich w ramach programu Erasmus+ na rok akademicki 2016/2017.

Umowy dwustronne

Uczelnia Łazarskiego stale rozszerza swoją działalność naukową, dydaktyczną oraz w zakresie realizacji mobilności, podejmując współpracę z uniwersytetami spoza Europy.Prezentujemy listę uczelni partnerskich.

BIP - Institute of Law

The partnership focuses on establishing educational relations and cooperation as well as on facilitating contacts between students, lecturers and administrative staff.

Beijing Language and Culture University

The cooperation covers activities such as developing collaborative research projects, organizing joint academic and scientific activities (courses, conferences, seminars, symposia, lectures), exchange of research and teaching staff, exchange of students, exchange of publications and other materials.

Linyi Normal University

The two institutions created a student exhange programme at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Grigol Robakidze University

The partners facilitate academic activities in the areas that include exchange of partners, researchers and students, sharing scientific publications, developing and conducting joint seminars, workshops, symposia and courses as well as conducting joint researches.

M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State university

The partners cooperate in teaching-methodical and scientific-informative activities including: development and implementation of joint educational programmes, exchange of infromation, exhange of teaching-methodical materials, curricula and programmes, joint researches, mobility of students, teachers and employees.

Univerisity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - School of Continuing Education
United States

The partners take actions in developing programmes in continuing education, organizing conferences, seminars, symposia and summer schools, exchaging faculty members as well as publishing research materials.

University of Kentucky
United States

Both universities develop different forms of cooperation: joint research actvities, exchange of academic materials and academic publications, exchange of faculty members for research, lectures and discussions, exchage  of graduate and undergraduate students for study and research.

University of Business and International Studies

Both universities intend to develop links in the areas such as: learning and teaching including the development of a programme leading to an award as well as exchange of documentation and research material.

Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University at Cherkasy

The institutions established frames for the collaboration in the following mattters: staff training and exchange, research projects, information exchange, creation of thematic networks, development of joint programmes.

FPT University
Hanoi - Vietnam

Each institution may offer the other opportunities for activities and programs as teaching, research, exchange of students and staff.